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Sunday, September 01, 2013

Exercise for Function Words

• Fill in the gaps in the following sentences with proper words from those given in the
(1) Arpan walked on a rope ______ he were a good acrobat. (as, like, as if)
(2) Efficient ______ he was, he was not appointed. (though, however, as)
(3) ______ was I asked than I replied. (As soon as, no sooner, hardly)
(4) ______ he was confused, he was mute. (since, however, though)
(5) ______ his failing health, he was enthusiastic and zestful. (because of, despite, in order to)
(6) ______ the gust of wind could break the idol had not entered his mind. (what, that, as)
(7) ______ you think is not in your favour. (that, what, which)
(8) Don't envy ______ you may be happy. (so, so that, therefore)
(9) He couldn't think clearly as he was in ______ confusion. (little, a few, a little)
(10) He wants ______ a shirt as is cheap and having the quality. (same, such, that)
(11) He wants nothing ______ your grace (as, but, as)
(12) I believe in ______ you believe. (that, what, as)
(13) He completed his work earlier ______ he could leave the site earlier. (in order to, in order
that, inspite of)
(14) Deaf ______ he was, he attended the musical concert. (though, however, as)
(15) I want ______ boys to complete this work. It can't be done single handed. (few, a few, a
(16) ______ you go, you will find people with certain problems. (where, wherever, whenever)
(17) See me ______ you are free. (where, when, how)
(18) ______ of the residents in this colony has a car. They have bicycles or scooters. (some, none,
(19) He was in ______ confusion, he could not think clearly. (few, little, a little)
(20) He set motionless ______ he were innocent. (like, as, as if)
(21) He also acted ______ everybody did. (like, as, as if)
(22) Behave here ______ the rules and regulations. (in accordance with, because of, in order that)
(23) He was in ______ a plight ______ he couldn't decide what to do. (so-that, such-that, sameas)
(24) ______ darker the night is, the denser it is. (A, An, The)
(25) He has joined ______ N.C.C. (the, an, a)
(26) ______ you do, you won't have any gain. (what, whatever, however)
(27) He was ______ indecisive that he had to stop on every turning point. (such, so, as)
(28) This boy seems ______ small to be a soldier. (enough, too, though)
(29) Take deep breaths ______ you can overcome fear (in order to, in order that, owing to)
(30) His late arrival in the function was ______ the great confusion of traffic. (on account of, due
to, because of)
(31) ______ had he stood up to speak when every body started clapping. (No sooner, As soon
as, Scarcely)
(32) ______ he couldn't know the nature of clapping, he kept on speaking. (Though, since, Because)
(33) ______ have you sent the cheque to ? (Who, Whom, To Whom)
(34) He prefers Bio-chemistry ______ pharmacy. (than, to, and)
(35) ______ of them had self respect. They all behaved insensibly. (some, None, Each)
(36) He is firm in his decision. He will not give ______ his employer. (in, up, to)
(37) He translated the passage ______ making them know its meaning. (so, with a view to, in order
(38) You can't move ______ you will. This is a prohibited area. (When, Where, Wherever)
(39) He was ______ confident that he declared himself a winner. (too, enough, so)
(40) The possibility ______ wind was responsible for a tear was remote. (as, that, when)
(41) He is dealing with everybody ______ honestly ______ sincerely. Everybody adores him. (neither...
nor, not only... but also, either .... or)
(42) They both were confused ______ of them could express any view. (either, neither, none)
(43) ______ under priviledged must be supported. (A, An, The)
(44) Ask ______ of the boys if he is interested in the visit. (each, all, some)
(45) Adamant ______ he was in the beginning, he had to submit when he was persuaded. (however,
as, though)
(46) He was ______ affluent not to live luxuriously. (so, too, enough)
(48) ______ may persuade me, I'll not favour him. (Who, Whomever, Whoever)
(49) Govinda glanced ______ the window to notice an intruder. (to, at, across)
(50) He would tolerate ______ begging. (inspite of, instead of, in addition to)

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