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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Why Is English Learning Necessary?


Manubhai B. Sathwara
(Senior Teacher)
Shiv Vidyalaya, Jitoda
Though English is an ancient and foreign language, it is much more attractive, effective, particular and non-stop running language. English is a language of international commerce. It is the language of diplomacy. It gives us an introduction   to western thoughts and culture
When we listen to a man speaking English, we soon begin to appreciate his knowledge. He or she makes an impression on an audience. So today English is a needed language. If we want to join anywhere in any department, we should have the knowledge of English.
Especially Science, Maths and English are co-related subjects. Today science has made an effective as well as an impressive progress in computer, electronics, medical and other departments with the help of Mathematics and English. On the other hand, the students neglect the above subjects nowadays. Everyone seeks an easy path but no one desires a difficult path. ‘To earn more with the less work’ is the motto of the people now. But if anyone hopes to go anywhere in the country or abroad, he or she must have the knowledge of English.
As we travel in India, we need Hindi. As we travel in Gujarat, we need Gujarati. In this way if we want to go abroad, we should have English knowledge. Otherwise we will not be able to talk with the people who live in that country. When we try to make our foot steps in the 21st century, at least we should think what we have. We cannot neglect learning of English because all the highest authorities like companies, secretariats, offices, factories, industries and institutes require the persons who have good command over English. Those people who are careless to English may not acquire good jobs.
Today most of the pupils are found careless about learning and speaking of English for they feel it hard language. But actually it isn’t. We must know that no one is born with everything but anyone can achieve his goal through keen interest. We should remember – “Try and try, you will succeed.” If we keep this maxim in our mind, we will be able to have English knowledge which we require today.

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