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Friday, June 07, 2013

Tips to Learn and Teach English Vocabulary ( For Students and Teachers )


Tips to Learn and Teach English Vocabulary
( For Students and Teachers )
English vocabulary is as important as English grammar and structures. It means  the more words students learn  accurately, the better their chances of understanding English and making themselves understood. There are more than 250,000 words in the Oxford English dictionary. But a good English speaker normally use 15,000 to 20,000 words. It means if an Englsh language learner/student  tries a little hard, he can get good command over english wors within a year.
Tips for Students to Develop Vocabulary:
·                     Read English newspapers and watch English news channels everyday.
·                     Read English books and magazines every week.
·                     Watch english movies and T.V. serials.
·                     If you find any unfamiliar word, look its meaning in the dictionary.
·                     Keep pocket dictionary with you. Always learn 25 to 30 new English words.
·                     Always remember new words. For that you should use new words in your routin language.
·                     If you have friends who also want to improve their vocabulary, then you can form a group and          share new words with each other. You can meet at regular intervals and measure your progress.
·                     Learn the root words. Root words are words from which words grow with the addition of prefixes and suffixes.
·                     You can also learn english vocabulary through online computer programmes and softwares.
·                     Keep revising. While it is important to read and learn new words, it is equally important to revise what you have learnt.

Tips for Teachers to Introduce Vocabulary:

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