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Wednesday, May 08, 2013

‘Wh’ Question Words


‘Wh’ Question Words
QueWord                                             Function                                                         Examples
what                                 asking for information about something                    What is your hobby?
when                               asking about time                                                          When will he come?
where                              asking in or at what place or position                            Where do you live?
which                              asking about choice                                    Which is your favourite subject?
who                                 asking what or which person or people (subject)       Who won the prize?
whom                              asking what or which person or people (object)          Whom did you love?
whose                             asking about ownership                                             Whose books are these?
why                                 asking for reason                                                        Why do you not come?
how                                 asking about manner                                            How do we help the poor?
how + adj/adv             asking about extent or degree
how far                            distance                                                            How far is Patan from Delhi?
how long                           length (time or space)                                               How long will it take?
how many                        quantity (countable)                                        How many books are there?
how much                       quantity (uncountable)                            How much money do you want?
how old                             age                                                                               How old are you?
how come (informal)  asking for reason, asking why                               How come I can't see her?

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