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Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Vocabulary for Business

                                                          Vocabulary for Business
1 bonus                     - additional pay given to employee as incentive or reward
2 curriculum vitae   - short account of one's education, career etc; CVUK; resumeUS
3 dismis                    - to remove or discharge from employment; to sack [colloq.]; to fireUS
4  employer               - person or firm who employs people - employee n. person employed
5  fire                         - to dismiss
6  interview               - an oral examination of an applicant for a job - also v.
7  make redundant   - to dismiss because of not being needed - redundancyUK
8  maternity leave    - period of absence from work (for a woman) when having a baby
9  notice                    - advance warning of intention to resign - to give or tender one's notice
10 perk                     - something additional to regular salary [eg: free meals; a car]
11 personnel             - the people who work for a firm
12 personnel officer - manager responsible for recruitment, training and welfare of personnel
13  promotion         - advancement in rank or position - to promote
14  prospects           - opportunity for success, promotion etc
15  recruit               - to look for and employ personnel - recruitment
16  resign                - to give up a job - letter of resignation n.
17  retire                 - to leave employment, esp. because of age - retirement
18 salary                 - a fixed, regular payment, usually monthly, made by employer to employee
19 staff                    - the people who work for a firm or a particular department; employees
20 take on              - to employ; to hire

1  A.G.M.                    - Annual General Meeting
2  A.O.B.                     - Any Other Business [usually the last item on an agenda]
3  absent                    - not here; not at the meeting; not present
4  agenda                   - written programme or schedule for a meeting
5  apologies              - item on agenda announcing people who are absent; apologies for absence
6  ballot                    - a type of vote, usually in writing and usually secret- secret ballot n.
7  casting vote         - a deciding vote (usually by the chairman)when the votes are otherwise equal
8  chairman                - the person who leads or presides at a meeting; chairperson; chair
9  conference           - formal meeting for discussion, esp. a regular one held by an organisation
10 conference call    - telephone call between three or more people in different locations
11 consensus              - general agreement
12 decision               - a conclusion or resolution to do something - to decide v.
13  item                    - a separate point for discussion [as listed on an agenda]
14  matters arising-item on agenda for discussion of what has happened as a result of last meeting
15 minutes               - a written record of everything said at a meeting
16 proxy vote            - a vote cast by one person for or in place of another
17 show of hands     - raised hands to express an opinion in a vote
18 unanimous          - in complete agreement; united in opinion
19 video conference - conference of people in different locations linked by satellite, TV etc
20 vote                      - to express opinion in a group by voice or hand etc - also n. - to cast a vote

1  audience rapport   - relationship of presenter with audience, esp. when good
2  body language      - non-verbal communication through facial expressions, body movements etc
3  Finally . . .             - Typical word used to signal the last of several points or subjects
4  flip chart               - a pad of large paper sheets on a stand for presenting information
5  For example . . .    - Typical phrase used to signal an illustration or sample of a particular point
6  handout                 - anything (report, sample etc) handed or given to people at a presentation
7  In conclusion . . .  - Typical phrase used to signal the summing up or final part of a presentation
8  Ladies&Gentlemen-Polite phrase often used to address an audience of men and women
9  marker                   - whiteboard marker a pen with a broad, felt tip for writing on whiteboards
10 microphone          - electrical instrument that one speaks into for amplification of the voice etc
11 O.H.T.                   - overhead transparency; sheet of film with image for o.h.p.
12 O.H.P                    - over head projector, a device that projects an o.h.t. onto a screen
13 pointer                  - device (rod or electric torch etc) for indicating things on a map, screen etc
14 screen                   - large, flat, reflective white surface on which films, slides etc are projected
15 signal               - to help the audience understand where one is in a presentation
16 slide                      - small (usually 35mm) photographic transparency - slide projector n.
17 To start with .      - Typical phrase used to signal the beginning of a particular subject or topic
18 Turning now to. .- Typical phrase used to signal a change from one subject or topic to another
19 visual aids            - things that one can look at in a presentation [e.g: films, maps, charts etc]
20 whiteboard          - large, flat, white surface or board on which to write or draw with markers


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