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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Education and Quotes 8

Tell students about your home life. Show family photos. Share the fun you have with your spouse and children. Some kids need to know that a happy family is  possible.

Learners come to class to learn a language rather than to be amused by a great show.
Certainly no one would wish their lessons
to be boring, but it's important to check
out if the classes of an 'entertainer' style
of a teacher are genuinely leading to any
real learning. It's easy to get swept up in
the sheer panache of ones's own
performance; the teacher who constantly
talks a lot, telling stories and jokes,
amusing the class with their antics, etc.
can provide a diverting hour, but it may
simply cover up the fact that very little has
been taken in and used by the students.
The monologue may provide useful
exposure to one way of using language, but this isn't sufficient to justify regular lessons of this kind. I've found that quite a number of teachers suspect that this 'performer' style is a goal they should aim for. I hope that I can persuade you otherwise.
Jim Scrivener

Praise students in public. Criticize them in private.

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