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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Education and Quotes 7

Take time to say "Hi" to all your students every day. For some, it just may be the only kindness to come their way.

Don't be a slave to your syllabus. Reaching just one student is more important thanks finishing a dozen of textbooks.

If your students are confused, ask yourself, "who is confusing them?"

Don't be too proud to bus tables or pick up litter. In a good school, everyone pitchin. in.

Look your best. You'll feel better and teach better. Business people dress to success. WHY NOT TEACHERS? (You'll be amazed how many of your students notice your dress and hair every day.)

Don't punish students when you are angry or grade papers when you are overly tired. Your students deserve you at your best.

Think when students do so? Whose fault is it?


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