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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Book Review of Std 11

                                       Book Review of Std 11

A textbook is a central string upon which the whole teaching unit or learning process is woven. It also fixes up the target for the teacher and students. According to a critic

                                    A good textbook is based upon educationally sound principals and is well produced in terms of the physical format. These two factors determine its utility and suitability to a given age group.

While reviewing any book, we should keep two features in our mind and they are:
(i)                               External features and;
(ii)                      Internal features.

Name of book:-
English            (second language).


Objectives of book review:-

·       To make the book more effective.
·       To remove the defects of the text book.
·       To introduce the teachers and pupils good and bad aspects of the text book.

Evaluation of the English text book of STD: - 11.

*External characteristics of this text book:-
·       The external characteristics of this text book are as under.

·       The front page of the book is very attractive. There are four photos of our great patriots.

·       The last page is also very attractive. There are some lines and a picture which is related to unit no. 1 somebody’s mother. There is also the symbol of Gujarat state board of school text books.

·       The paper used in this textbook is of good quality.

·       Its weight is light. Its about 200 grams.

·       The binding of the text book is very strong.

·       The size of the text book neither too big nor too small.

·       The price of the text book is reasonable. Its worth is only 17 rs.

           Taking all the above points into consideration, we can assert that this text is extremely good.

*Internal characteristics of this text book:-

·       There is given the name of the textbook in bold letters like ‘English’ (second language) std. 11. on the first page of the textbook.
·       Then there is given the pledge in square design. It tells us about national itegration. It tells us to respect our parents, teachers and all our elders.
·       Then there is the price of the text book.
·       Then there is the symbol of Gujarat state boards of school text books and its address.
·       On the second page, there is warning not to publish any part of this text book without any permission.
·       Then there is the name of contributors to this text book and preface of the book.

*Contributors to this text book:-
Subject advisers:-
1.     Shri Madhusudhan Thakkar.
2.     Shri Piyushbhai Joshi.
3.     Shri p.j. soni.
4.     Shri Mahendrabhai Bhatt.
5.     Sant Hareshbhai Sukla.
1.     Smt Shilpabahen Natraj.
2.     Smt Asmitabahen Pathak.
3.     Shri Ranjit Sinh Zula.
4.     Shri Rajubhai Thakkar.
5.     Shri Ramjibhai Raval.
6.     Shri Hiteshbhai Pandya.
7.     Shri Bhuskaranbhai Patel.
8.     Smt Sonali Desai.
9.     Smt Hemangini Bahen Patel.
10.  Shri Govindbhai Darji.
11.          Shri Rohit Kumar.
12.          Shri Narendrabhai Pandya.
13.          Shri Hasmukhbhai Patel.
14.          Shri Hasmukhbhai Parekh.

Artist: -                                 Shri Anand Jarag.

Co-ordinations:-           Shri G.I Shaikh.

Preparation and planning:-   Shri G.I Shaikh

(Board’s Dy. Director:           Academic)

·       This textbook is published by M.A Patel, Director. On behalf of Gujarat state board of school text books. ‘Vidhyayan’. Sector 10-A, Gandhinagar.
·        This book is printed by Sanju R. Sanghavi. Jasmine note book Mfg. co Supra Bhatt. Ind. Estate. Baraopara. Ahmadabad.
·       On the next page there are fundamental duties.

            There are two sections in index.
            They are:
            (i) Detailed study section
            (ii) Supplementary reading

·       The first section provides reading material in the form of speeches. Stories, biographical sketches, plays, poems and articles. The second section a shorter one in size has reading material for extensive reading.
·       The detailed study section includes the following units.
·       Somebody’s mother.              (poem)
·       The shepherd’s treasure.
·       The pledge of I.N.A.
·       The ant and the cricket.                      (poem)
·       English in conversation.
·       The girl on the train.
·       At the theatre.                                     (poem
·       Kalpana Chawla.
·       A drummer boy.
·       The wrong house.
·       The nightingale.                                 (poem)
·       The handful of almonds.

The supplementary reading section includes the following units.
·       The lost ruby.
·       I never forget a face.
·       The grumbling match.
·       Letter to Indu.
·       Ha……Ha.....Ha.

Suitable subject matter:-

·       The subject matter of each unit is selected according to the ‘inipils’ age.
·       The subject inatler of all the units is selected in such a way that students are able to get mastery over four skills listening, peaking and writing.
·       Improver each a unit of this book conveys specific moral value.
·       There are stories, biological sketches, plays, poems, articles etc. in this book.

Order and preparation:-
·       The subject inatler is presented in a good order and preparation.
·       Each unit is nicely related to the next unit.

·       Each unit is neither too long nor too small. It is presented in such a way that students can comprehend its content.

·       There are familiar words with its similar meaning in each unit. They are at the end of the unit.

·       There are exercises in each unit. It includes a number of activities which helps the students to get mastery over four languages.

Defects of this text book:-
·       The following defects come to our notice while reviewing the book.
·       There are few units which are not fill of illustrative pictures.
·       There are not pronunciations of difficult words in glossary.
·       There is not introduction of writers and poets.
·       There is not revision section a after a few units.

·       Each unit should be full of illustrative so that the students can comprehend its content quickly.
·       There should be pronunciation of difficult words in glossary.
·       There should be introduction of writers and poets.
·       There should be revision section after a few units.

                                                In short this text book is prepared in the light of the new syllabus which lays emphasis on communicative competent that includes accuracy. No doubt there are a few defects in this book but they can be removed. Besides its defects there are a number of features of this text book. There are various activities in each unit which provides the students ample of to get mastery over four skills. They help the students to get mastery in listening, speaking, reading, and writing. This book is really an important tool in the hands of the teachers to teach the pupils English (second language) and to achieve various objectives in teaching English.

Reviewed by V.S and his team.

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