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Saturday, January 19, 2013



We use in longer periods of time , for example (Months, years, seasons)

 in April,,..in the winter,,,in the 18th century,,,,in the Middle Ages
They got married in 1984.

 We also say
in the Morning...in the afternoon....in the evening
I'll see you in the morning (but) I'll see you on Friday morning.

 We use on with dates and days

on 12 March,,,on Friday(s)
They got married on 12 March.

 We also say
On Friday morning(s),,,,on Sunday afternoon(s)...on Monday evening(s)...on Saturday night(s)
I usually go out on Monday evening(s).

We use at with times:
at 5 o'clock ,,,,,,,,at 11:45 ,,,,,,,,,at midnight,,,,,,,at lunchtime

Tom usually leaves work at 5 o'clock.

We also use at in these expressions:
at night>>>I don't like going out at night.
 at the week-end \ at week-ends>>Will you be there at week-end ?
at the moment \ at present >>>Mr Benn is busy at the moment \ at present
at the same time >>>Ahmed and Mohamed arrived at the same time.

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