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Saturday, January 05, 2013

Simple Future Tense (સાદો ભવિષ્યકાળ)

                             Simple Future Tense (સાદો ભવિષ્યકાળ)

A.V:  કર્તા + shall/will  + મુખ્ય ક્રિયાપદ+ કર્મ + અન્ય શબ્દો
P.V:  કર્મ + shall/will  + be  +  ક્રિયાપદનુ ભૂતક્રુદંત + by કર્તા + અન્ય શબ્દો
Hints:  tomorrow, next , following, tonight.
કોઈ ક્રિયા ભવિષ્યમાં થવાની હોય તે દર્શાવવા માટે સાદો ભવિષ્યકાળ વપરાય છે.

1)         I shall do my homework tomorrow.
2)         We shall come to your house next Monday.
3)         You will visit the museum.
4)         He will sing a song.
5)         She will prepare food. 
  • ·          Negative sentences :
1)         I shall give you my book.
Ans.    I shall not give you my book.
2)         They will play cricket.
Ans.    They won't play cricket.
3)         Rupesh will teach English.
Ans.    Rupesh won't teach English.
  • ·          Inversion question : sp,8 5|xGf
1)         You will visit the Taranga temple.
Ans.    Will you visit the Taranga temple?
2)         He will tell the truth.
Ans.    Will he tell the truth?
3)         She will help them.
Ans.    Will she help them?
·          Answer in short :
1)         Shall I do this sum?
Ans.    Yes, you will.
            No, you won't.
2)         Will you go to your village?
Ans.    Yes, I shall.
            No, I shall not.
·          'Wh' - Questions :
1)         Raj will go to the station.
Ans.    Who will go to the station?
2)         He will eat an apple this morning.

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