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Saturday, January 05, 2013

Past Perfect Tense (પૂર્ણ ભૂતકાળ)

                                   Past Perfect Tense (પૂર્ણ ભૂતકાળ)

A.V:  કર્તા + had + ક્રિયાપદનુ ભૂતક્રુદંત  + કર્મ + અન્ય શબ્દો
P.V:  કર્મ + had + been  +  ક્રિયાપદનુ ભૂતક્રુદંત + by કર્તા + અન્ય શબ્દો
Hints:  before, after, when, ago
  • ·       E}TSF/DF\ SM.56 A[ lS|IFVM AGL T[DF\ S|DGL 5C[,L lS|IF 5}6" E}TSF/ ,[ K[4 HIFZ[ S|DGL ALHL lS|IF ;FNM E}TSF/ ,[ K[P
  • ·       Before S|DGL ALHL lS|IFDF\ VFJ[ K[ HIFZ[ after S|DGL 5|YD lS|IFDF\ J5ZFI K[P
  • ·       HM JFSIDF\ R.V. said, told VG[ asked E}TSF/GF ;DI lGN["X ;FY[ VFJTF\ CMI TM T[GL ;FY[ VFJT]\ JFSI 5}6" E}TSF/DF\ VFJ[[ K[P

1)         When I reached the station, the train had left.
2)         Before I reached the station, the train had left.
3)         After the train had left, I reached the station.
4)         When we reached the theatre, the show had begun.
5)         The show had begun before we reached the theatre.

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