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Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Imp. English Essays For Highschool Students (std. 11 to 12) Gujarat

                                                             Essays         S.M.Sathwara   (M.A; M.Ed)

                                        INDIA- A DEMOCRATIC NATION                 
                   ‘Democracy is the most effective and popular form of government.                                                                                                                                        
      India is a democratic nation. The population of India is above one billion. The area of our country is 3.3 million square kilometers.
      After getting independence, India has made a strong progress in each and every field. We have made a great progress in the field of agriculture, education, science and technology. India has reached great heights in the field of medical, science, engineering, space-exploration, information technology and business. The most important progress has been made in respect of communication and transports. People from foreign land demand Indian engineers and it experts.
       But this is only bright side of our country. There is also another dark side. Democracy in India has passed through stresses and strains. There are many places where people can not get enough water and electricity. The problems of poverty, over population, unemployment, corruption, regionalism, communal harmony and terrorism are still unsolved.
        In short, we can say that India is the largest democratic nation in the world, but we have to do a lot to give it its meaningful status.
                                             UNITY IN DIVERSITY
‘If there is one place on the face of this earth where all the dreams of living men have found a home, it is India.’
India is really a diverse country. People differ from one another  in their languages, food and customs. Though more than one billion people live together in India one cannot deny that there exists basic unity. Indian cultural diversity is marked by 29 states and 7 union territories and 23 recognized languages. The main religions are Hindu, Sikh, Islam, Christian and Jain.
       Indian music is also different as its culture. Indian food is also different in tastes as Indian people. India is a country of rich cultural heritage with different colors, religions, languages, castes and ways of life. However there is unity in diversity in our country.
       India has got freedom from the Britishers. The strength of our unity is responsible for our freedom. It  is unbelievable that India has many different languages, dialects, regions, religions, occupations and states but every of them is living together. The Indian culture is actually a continuous mixture. The strength of our culture is our unity in diversity. India is a home for a billion people of different religions who demonstrate unity in diversity. Really Indian people prove the proverb ‘united we stand, divided we fall.’
                                          A VISIT TO A HAIR DRESSER’S SHOP
   A person whose business is to arrange and cut hair is called a hair dresser. Generally he runs a shop which is called a salon. We regularly visit the hair dresser’s shop to get our hair cut but nowadays the hair dressers not only cut hair but also give beauty treatment.
    I visited a hair dresser’s shop to get my hair cut last week. It was newly opened shop in our area. When I entered the shop, I was surprised by its interior decoration. The magical mirror, lovely lightening, air conditioned and musical atmosphere gave me a great joy. I was welcomed with a smile by the barber in the shop. He told me to wait for a few minutes. I sat on a nice sofa. Two other customers were waiting for their turns. There were beautiful paintings, magazines and newspapers.
    After some time I was told to sit on the chair to cut my hair. The barber wrapped a piece of cloth around my chest. Then he started to work. Meanwhile I saw different types of combs, scissors, razors and brushes. I also saw different types of shampoos, creams and hair oils. He was talking with me while cutting my hair. H cut my hair within 20 minutes. Then he took out the cloth from my chest and applied powder on my neck. Then I stood up and gave him twenty five rupees. I was satisfied with his work. Really it is a very pleasant to visit a hair dresser’s shop.
                               THE PROBLEM OF NOISE POLLUTION
      To pollute means to poison. Ecological disturbance by man is pollution. Man pollutes environment for selfish purposes. Pollution can be of different types- air pollution, water pollution and noise pollution. Air pollution is caused by gases emitted by vehicles and factories. Water pollution is caused due to the dumping of chemical wastes from industries. Noise pollution is caused by creating noises beyond certain limit
       When noise level exceeds 90 decibels, it harms us. Noise pollution is generally spread in cities. Noise pollution causes harm to hearing. People exposed to high levels of occupational noise over long period suffer permanent hearing loss. Noise leaves a strong effect on our sub conscious mind. It is so powerful that it makes our nights sleepless. It has been surveyed an observed that people facing noise for most hours of day and night suffer from mental depression and blood pressure.
          Noises in different forms like blasting a bomb, firing of crackers, running of vehicles etc. pollute the environment. It harms us in many ways. We cannot realize its immediate effects. So we do not a proper attention to this problem. The solution of this problem is very easy. We should not play loud speakers loudly. The sound of vehicle horn should not be aloud. These must be enforced strictly. Let’s live a peaceful life.
           Superstition means blind belief. They are not based on science or logic. Then we stand in fear of something mysterious or supernatural, we are said to have superstition. Superstitions are commonly found all over the world. There is an Indian proverb which says that every pebble in the river Narmada is the image of lord Shiva. Natural phenomena like thunderstorms, lightening, eclipses where taken by them as the activities of some good or evil spirit.
           Now we know that they are results of some known factors. Even educated people are not free from superstitious beliefs. We are told that if we meet a widow or milk woman, we fail to do some important work. If we meet cow or unmarried woman we succeed to do our important work. Many people do not cut their hair or shave themselves on Saturday. Many people do not go to another village or town on Sunday. For some people 13 number is very ill-omen. A sneeze by someone indicates the coming failure, but two bring good luck.
           Superstition is a great obstacle to progress. It is a thing of darkness. But as knowledge increases, superstition decreases. Science has opened our eyes and the old bogies of superstitions.

         A satellite is a man made device put into orbit around the earth and the moon. They are placed into orbit with the help of powerful rockets. They are very useful. Satellites are put in order to research in place above the earth as communication link and for direct measurements of phenomena in space.
        The history of Indian satellite is not very old. The government of India set up space commission and department of space(DOS) in June-1972. The Indian space research organization(ISRO) under the DOS carries out many space programs. The founder of ISRO was Dr. Vikrambhai Sarabhai. The main objective of ISRO is to develop space technology and its application.
          The Aryabhatta, the first Indian satellite was launched on 19-04-1975. It carried satellite system. Then Bhaskara-I was launched on 07-06-1979. It carried T.V. and microwave services. Then Bhaskara-II was launched in 1981. then a number of satellites named APPLE, ROHINI-I, ROHINI-II, INSAT-1A, INSAT-1B etc. were launched. An INSAT satellite is used for mobile satellite service and business communication.
            Satellites are very helpful to find out information and bring people together. We can watch educational, cultural,  social and sports programs on T.V. with the help of satellite. In short, satellite communication has helped the people of the world to come nearer. It has developed the means of our social, economical and educational faculties more powerful. Thus satellite is a great boon to mankind.


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