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Tuesday, January 01, 2013

English Test (Std.11)

            Marks-80                         English Test                  Sanjay.M.Sathwara
           Time -3hrs                            Std-11                          [M.A.M.Ed]

·                           Read the following extracts and answer the questions given below them.                                                     08
  • “The diamond that can withstand the blow of the smith’s hammer is valued most, the artificial one will get pounded” Tukaram.
Saint Tukaram describing the qualities of the brave says that, ‘he (the brave) is like real diamond, which does not break the full value. While an artificial one breaks into pieces. A real diamond can bear the blows of hammer.
Questions -
  1. Which diamond is valued most?
  2. A brave man is compared with__________.
·            There were a number of charity houses in the city. Soapy could go there and get his food and lodging. He would not have to pay any money. But his proud spirit hated to have anything in charity. Those people usually asked questions about one’s personal life and Soapy did not like anyone to meddle with private affairs.
1.  Why would Soapy not like to go some charity houses?
2    What did Soapy not like?
·             A small girl from Karnal, Punjab, always wanted to be a voyager of milkyway. She used to dream that some-day she would ride a rocket to the stars. Her motto was that you got to have a dream if you want to have your dream come true. She used to say, “Have a dream and follow it to the end.”
1.     What was Kalpana’s dream?
2.     What was Kalpana’s motto?
·            There had been a chase, of course. A wild, crazy chase. And when a bullet had punctured the gasoline tank, “They had had abandon the car.” But luck or no luck here they were. Alone and without a car in a completely strange town. But safe and sound-with the suitcase.
The suitcase lay in the centre of the table in the centre of the room. In it lay nearly three hundred thousand dollars.
1.     Why had they to abandon their car?
      2.   What did the suitcase contain?
·         Answer the following questions based on the textbook in two or three sentences.                                    04
1.                                        What was common between Sardar Patel and Lokmanya Tilak?
2.                                        Why did the drummer boy refuse to beat the retreat?
·                           Write short-notes on the following using the clues given below them in about  7 to 9 sentences.
1.Different uses of the internet.
[ Internet, greatest source of  information, websites, e-mail, play games, video clipping, music]
      2. Sardar’s fearlessness.
     [ ‘ironman’, united several hundred small states in to state of united India, enough courage to bear the opponent’s
      blows, mountain of courage]
·  Read the following text and answer the questions below  it.                                                                       05
I pulled myself up at last and somehow managed to walk into Bardfield. I went straight to the police station, of  course, it’s the first building you reach if you come that way. And there I reported that someone had stolen my car, a new umbrella, a gold watch and all my money.
            1. why did the writer go to the police station?
            2. what made the writer reminded of the face of the man whom he had given the lift?
            3. Who was the other fellow whom the writer had given a lift?
            4. What was the writer’s problem?

·       Read the following stanza of the poem and answers the questions given below  it.                                       03                                                                                                                                                                                                  
   Sticks and stones may break y bones,
      But words can also hurt me.
Stones and sticks break only skin
       While words are ghosts that haunt me.
                              Slant and curved the word swords fall
                                   to pierce and stick inside me.
                              Bats and bricks may ache through bones
                                  But words can mortify me.

                  1. Why are words compared with  ghosts?
                  2. What kind of harm do sticks and stones do?
                  3. What kind of harm words do?

·       Read the following unseen text answer the questions given below  it                                                        04
               People believe that poverty is a great evil and it seems to be an accepted belief that if people only had plenty of money, they would be happy. As a rule there is more genuine satisfaction in life in the humble cottages of the poor men than in the palaces of rich men. I always pity the sons and daughters of rich men who are attended by servants. It is because I know how sweet happy the home of honest poverty is, how free from social envies and jealousies- how united its members are in the common aim of supporting the family that I congratulate the poor man’s sons. It is for these reasons that from the ranks of the poor, so many strong, famous, self-reliant men have always sprung and always must spring.
1.     Which belief is current among people?
2.     What do we find in the cottages of poor people?
3.     Why is the home of honest poverty ‘a sweet, happy home’?
4.     Find out synonyms of (1)well-known(2)huts

·       Read the following passage and write its summary. Also suggest a suitable title to it.           04
                        Once upon a time there lived a great and powerful king. Oneday he was very sad, and as he sat in his council hall surrounded by his ministers, the chief minister, who was a good and wise man, asked him “your majesty why is your spirit sad today? Your majesty ought not to allow grief to trouble your mind.”
                  The king would not tell him his grief. On the contrary, he resented his good minister’s concern for him. “ It is all very well for you to talk”, he said, “But if you  had  reason to be sad, I am sure you would find impossible to practice what you have just suggested.”

·       Kiran Patel,15 Princevilla,Radhanpur writes a letter to the chief officer, municipal corporation, Chanasma, about shortage of water supply in her area.                                                                                       06

·       Write a brief report on the “science exhibition” held  by  the students of your school.                                       05

·       Write an essay  on the following in about 150 words using the points given below.                                       06
Trees – Our Best Friends.
[Points: advantages-need to protect trees- tree plantation]
My Hobby
[Points: name-inspiration-activities related with hobby- importance- pleasure you find]


·       Study the following information and write about 8 sentences based on it.                                                               04

Quite and  reserved
Cheerful and outgoing
All kinds
Film songs and movies
Cartoon and pop shows

·       S.M.Sathwara,10,Gokul,Sardarnagar Society,Chanasma writes  an application for the post of the principal to the secretary, K B Vakil High School, Radhanpur.Draft an application  on behalf of him.                                         06                                                                                                                                     
·       Re-write the following text correcting the underlined words.                                                                           03
                      One of the greatest concept of India to the world is the concept of Ahinsa or non-violent. People all over the world came know  of it by our freedom movement. It  is the same  non-killing it also means you never unnecessarily hurt someone in thought, word or deed.

·   Turn the following conversion into the indirect form of narration.                                                                   04
“ You are very witty. Have you a watch? What time is it? “ She said
“We will soon be at your station” I  replied.
“Thank goodness, it’s a short journey. I can’t bear to sit in a train  for  more than two or three hours”

·                                                                                                            Fill the following blanks with appropriate forms of verbs given in the brackets.                                        04
While we ………..(watch) an interesting T.V  serial, somebody…………(knock) at the door. When the door  ………(open) by me, I…………(can+find)  anyone outside.
·  Complete the following sentences using the words given in the brackets.                                                       04
1. We were too late ……………………………(attend, lecture)
2. The more you work hard……………………(successful)
3. Very few teachers …………………………..(Mr. Shah)
4. No sooner did the sun rise…………………...(farmers, go, farm)
·                                                                                                            Combine the following sentences and make one meaningful sentences.                                                      05
Sunita worked very hard. She appeared in H.S.C examination. She failed in the examination. She was greatly disappointed.
·       Rewrite the following text by replacing the underlined words with those given in the brackets. Make     necessary changes.                                                                                                                                             03
If you taken an oath to do something, make sure that you will be able to achieve it at any cost.
[ at any cost, promise solemnly, confirm ]
·                                                                                                            Rewrite the following paragraph filling in the gaps using proper forms of words given in the brackets.
Your………..(perform) on the stage was really………..(wonder)                                                              02
                                                            Best       of       Luck                                             S.M.Sathwara (M.A.M.Ed   )

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